Super Teens Parents Workshop

Learn How To Inspire Your Child For Study

Due to this pandemic and online classes, parents are become stressed & worried about the future of child as their child is not able to concentrate on the study. Learn how to help your child so that they can focus and able to build good habits. It is parents responsibility to protect their child, guide them for their bright future.

Join this 90min Masterclass & start your teens success career journey
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Tuesday, 04 October 2022
04:00 PM IST









3 Secrets To Improve Concentration Of Teens

Dear parents in this workshop you will learn following things which will help you to guide your teens with easiness and without stress.

How To Generate More Interest In Study

Digital gadgets are becoming more interesting and powerful to divert teens attention. So how to generate their interest in study?

How To Manage Time & Task 

If you don't teach your teen how to manage time and task, it will get wasted. Time once gone will never come again. Teach them how to utilize valuable time for valuable task.

How To Build Success Habits

Building negative habits happens automatically, easy to develop in short span of time. But to develop good habits requires efforts, consciousness & consistency. These habits are the extra things with successful people have which separates them from common people.